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 Windows XP Materx V.4 Sp3 - 2010

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PostSubject: Windows XP Materx V.4 Sp3 - 2010   Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:17 pm

Windows XP Materx V.4 Sp3 - 2010 | 647 MB
Windows Xp Materx V4 2010 is characterized by high accuracy and performance of sophisticated

The owners can devices
Humble downloading because it does not require a high standard in addition he built with the latest updates
Addition to a range of programs that automatically carry
On a computer without interference from you in addition to the high speed
Which is distinguished by this version
Version have been working on all the databases in which the design files in a professional manner to increase the speed of the machine of course, after
Trading marked by significant and demand for, but not piece spread of Arabic sites, including sites to foreign countries in handling version
Many European and demands of the children of all download version of its own language version of its country and non-proliferation piece CD in the hands of designers
, Programmers and internet cafe owners to use non-domestic circulation and marked Aliha
Version spread very quickly in most European countries of the world despite the presence of ancient names in the design versions of Windows, such as copying famous (Alienware) (Dark) (Enterprise) (Longhorn) (Alternative) (Vortex)
And also here in the Arab world and without mentioning
Great in this too, but name Matrix shine quickly and we started to hear him all over the
Although there are some minor mistakes that were in older versions of
But before we get into the demo version I would like to draw the attention to some of the things you
1 - This version upgraded version of XP to run an efficient and highest Ikonha Windows 7
This is because I am there are some users of computers do have sufficient capacity to their computer to run Windows 7
2 - This version is very special words, there was an error in the previous version in the package with integrated service which was leading to not run some programs on this version before, but with this version of the fourth sound Valenschp 100%
3 - version working on games are very healthy and rapid than before where it was to avoid the problem that was in the second version
4 - This version works on all types of computers and Batali working on x32 and x64 and x86
Programs That are added:-
WPI Program Added
Firefox v3.6.5
Google Chrome v.3.5
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
Internet Download Manager 5.19 Build 2
Flash Player v.10
Yahoo v.10
Windows Live Messanger 14
Skype v4.2.5.6
K-Lite Codec Pack 5.9.8 Full
VLC player v1.5
Winamp v5.57.2
Any video converter v3.2.5
CCleaner v2.31
Microsoft Office 2003
WinRAR Materx v2.5(3.93)
Win32Pad v3
SuperCopier 2
NET Framework 1.1 + 3.5
Foxit Reader & Editor v2.1
Java v5.8.6
UltraISO v9.5
and many more


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Windows XP Materx V.4 Sp3 - 2010

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